What You Need To Know About Windshield Calibration

Windshields are no longer merely a piece of glass to keep you safe from the elements. Sensors and cameras, which are now an integral element of contemporary car technology, are generally installed in the windshield to improve your driving experience.

Modern vehicles often come with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). These systems automate existing safety systems, such as automatic braking and adaptive cruise control.

Calibration and Repair ServicesADAS receives information about the vehicle's surroundings from this extra eye on the road. When necessary, the system responds by activating automatic security mechanisms. Windshield Calibration is critical to maintaining the ADAS performance.

Types of Windshield Calibration

There are two types of windshield calibration: static and dynamic. It takes one to two hours to perform both forms of calibration.

Static ADAS calibration takes place in a stationary vehicle and does not need driving. Instead of utilizing a handheld device, everything is done in a specialized workshop with a variety of very sensitive equipment that tests each module or feature and then restores it to its original state.

On the other hand, dynamic calibration involves the camera and sensor moving in response to obstacles or target movements. Dynamic windshield calibration errors occur because the windshields have sensors and cameras, which are extremely sensitive and require precise windshield alignment to the vehicle's environment. If the cameras are not perfectly aligned, the car will not work. Even millimeter-level movement in this area can throw the entire ADAS system off and cause a collision.

How Can I Calibrate My Windshield?

A windshield calibration is required when the current windshield has been replaced. This process is different for every car. Before calibrating a windshield, technicians must scan the computer system to check for errors, miscalculations, and other problems. Once the computer system has been properly checked, a thorough inspection of the safety system is performed, including the windshield.

In addition to having a professional calibrate your windshield, you should have your car's ADAS system re-calibrated after any type of vehicle collision. If you've had a minor collision, your windshield could have been damaged and disrupted the sensors.

As you can see, if you have an advanced driver assistance system in your car, it is imperative to calibrate your windshield periodically and properly. A professional company can do this job, such as Mobile Windshield Repair Long Beach. We have all the training, experience, and equipment needed to offer the best calibration services in Orange County. Contact us today!

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