6 Signs of Poor Windshield Replacement

Having your vehicle's windshield replaced might be troublesome if not done correctly or by professionals. You'll want to make sure everything goes smoothly if you recently had your windshield replaced. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes people employ poor techniques or low-quality materials, which can lead to some issues either right away or in the long run. You must be careful when choosing who will replace your windshield to avoid this situation. For instance, here are six signs of a poor windshield replacement.

  1. The New Windshield Doesn't FitDamaged Windshield Installed Wrong Perfectly

Flush windshields are those that fit tightly into the window frame of automobiles. A qualified technician will ensure that the windshield he installs is the correct size for your vehicle. Examine your newly replaced windshield to check whether it attaches precisely to the frame's borders without movement to see if it fulfills this requirement.

  1. Annoying Wind Noise

An improperly installed windshield can produce a faint sound when the car accelerates. These noises occur because the wind enters the crevices where your windshield was not installed correctly.

  1. Visibly Wavy Glass

The windshield glass on your automobile should seem smooth and steady when seen in direct sunlight. If your new windshield glass has any ripples or bumps, this is a solid indicator of quality concern. Another indication that your installer did not acquire your windshield glass from the manufacturer.

  1. Cracks in Your Windshield

Cracks and bums pose a major threat to your safety. Your recently installed windshield may have cracks or ripples because the glass isn't the appropriate fit for your vehicle.

To make sure your windshield replacement was well-done, take note of the expiration dates on your inspection sticker. If you notice cracks and scratches before the expiration date, it's best to get a new replacement.

  1. There is One Person at the Time of Installation

To ensure quality and a smooth, secure fit, professionals replacing your windshield should work with two experienced persons during the installation process.

  1. Water Seeps in Through Your Windshield

After replacing the windshield, you can take your car to the car wash, and If you notice water seeping around the edges of the new windshield, you have likely received a bad replacement.

What to Do If Your Glass Wasn't Installed Correctly?

Your windshield is a crucial aspect of your vehicle, and if it is damaged, you are endangering yourself and others. If any of these problems apply to your car, there's a good chance your windshield was placed incorrectly. The next step is to take your car to a professional auto glass shop like Mobile Windshield Repair Long Beach for an honest assessment. We'll be able to inspect your windshield thoroughly and make appropriate suggestions for repairs or total replacement. We’re more than qualified to assist you. Contact us today!

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