How to Avoid Smash and Grab Attacks

Smash and grab is a term used to describe a burglary in which the perpetrator smashes the window of a car, grabs goods, and then flees. It is also sometimes known as a “smash and run”.

The smash and grab threat is a common form of crime affecting businesses in the automotive industry, and it’s an issue that we cannot ignore. This type of crime is more prevalent in areas with high concentrations of cars, such as parking lots, gas stations, and car washes. The smash and grab threat can be mitigated by installing auto glass repair systems that prevent windows from being smashed using shatter-proof materials or installing a shatter-proof film on the glass.

How To Prevent It

The key to smash and grab prevention is a clear understanding of the risks involved. Not only do you need to know what you are protecting, but also who is most likely to target you. You can use the following tips to avoid getting your car broken into:

● Keep your car locked at all times

● Roll up windows before parking

● Park in well-lit areas

● Use an alarm system for your vehicle

Also, steer clear from leaving valuable items inside your car, like purses, laptops, cellphones, backpacks, GPS devices, or anything that could look appealing to someone looking for stuff to steal. And always make sure to have your car windows and windshields in good condition and installed by a professional like Mobile Windshield Repair Long Beach.

Steps To Follow If You Are A Victim Of Smash And Grab

It is important to know the steps to follow when your car has been broken into.

1) Call the police and file a report.

2) Have Mobile Safe Autoglass come out and replace your windshield.

3) File insurance claim.


The aftermath of a smash and grab is often catastrophic. The damage to your vehicle can be devastating, and the cost of repairs can be high. That is why we offer quick, reliable, and affordable auto glass repair and replacement services. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will work with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Mobile Safe Autoglass has the expertise needed for any type of auto glass repair or replacement. Our technicians are highly trained in all makes and models of vehicles, so we can handle any job quickly and efficiently. Contact us today!

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